I wanted to tell you about a behaviour tool I use in my classrooms called Class Dojo. It’s a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behaviours,positive and negative.Students get very excited when they are awarded points and one of the best things I’ve noticed is that they root for each other!

They are so sweet to each other,congratulating others when they receive a positive point.

Students are also able to have their own account using a special code so they can customize their monsters avatars on their own!

I know you will be proud to see great behaviours they are displaying and in turn,if there is something they need to work on,you will able to see that as well.  Best of all, it’s completely free!

Track points with any Android or iOS device
Award points on the go,wherever you are: in class, inthe hallway, on a field trip, or anywhere else!

The student with the highest number of points get certificates,trophy and Class Dojo Magnet Frames.I prepare a new goal for my students-reaching the 100 Points.This is the major motivator for them.I do not erase their points from week to can find all the downloadable materials at Teacher Resources Pack on the website of Class Dojo.

Class Dojo Certificates Typic (2) Typic

Sign up for free, and see what other teachers are saying, at

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